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Fabulous Footballers

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Thank you to my fabulous footballers and their parents for my fantastic gift. It is awesome. I look forward to next season with the players defending their titles.

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P7 Leavers

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We had to say cheerio to our P7s who will be going along the corridor to the secondary school after the holidays. Thankfully we will still see them when they start the new phase in their education. We wish them all the best for the successful future they all deserve.

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Miss Johnstone

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Unfortunately today was Miss Johnstone’s last day at Dalry School. She has been an outstanding asset to our school and will be very much missed by pupils and staff. We wish her well in her new job at Hardgate School, who have been lucky enough to have Miss Johnstone join their team.

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Prize Winners

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Congratulations to our 2014 prize winners. Annabelle won our ‘Best Prepared’ student trophy, Cameron ‘Citizenship’ and Joshua footballer of the year. Joshua also picked up his boys sports champion trophy and Courtney the girls sports champion, Sophie, Keira, Ariene and Emily have one of our netball trophies, Aiden has an outstanding mathematician prize. All are very deserved winners and have been excellent representatives of our school this year.

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Stewartry Netball Festival

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Congratulations to our netball team who today gained the runners-up trophy at the Stewartry Netball Festival. The team beat three other teams to meet Castle Douglas Primary in the finals. Unfortunately the P7s from Castle Douglas had a slight height advantage or as Sophie put it “They were GIANTS”.  Jake, Kyle, Daniel and Euan joined the team to replace our P7 players who were at Stronord. The team looks in great shape for next season, we even have Chloe in training for the team in six years time.

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Thank you to Mrs Peacock and Mr Sinclair for our bowling lesson. We look forward to seeing them again next week as we still have a wee bit to learn!

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FODS Disco

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Well done to our netball, rounders and football teams who all played very well and showed great sportsmanship today. All the teams won some or all of their games. The rounders team finished the competition in second place, and the football team came first and won a brought back a shiny new trophy. Special thanks to Mrs. Nash for looking after the rounders team, Mrs Firth and Mrs Rothwell our netballers and Mrs Finlay (assisted by Mr Finlay) the footballers. Thanks also to Mrs Lawrie, Mr and Mrs Pitt for extra support and sustenance for the players.

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Feis Rois Music

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We had our last music session with Wendy and Jessica today. It was just as much fun as all the other sessions and hopefully we will get to see them again next year. Over the course of the last few weeks we have learned a number of new songs and got to play new instruments. Thanks very much Wendy and Jessica.


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Netting another Trophy

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Well done to our excellent netball team. Over the last few weeks the team have worked hard playing games against Castle Douglas, Twynholm, Kells, Dalbeattie and Crossmichael. Tonight they beat the other teams to win through to the finals. We were runners up to a very strong Crossmichael side gaining another cool trophy to add to the prize cabinet at school.

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