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While golfing last night Robi and Joshua discovered a key safety rule. Do NOT walk in front of someone swinging a golf club. Unfortunately as you can see Robi didn’t know this rule before playing last night. He does know now, and won’t ever forget to keep his distance from other players in the future.  Let’s hope he enjoys a restful and safe Easter holiday.

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Andrew's prize - a Ninja Meerkats book.

Andrew’s prize – a Ninja Meerkats book.

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Easter Egg Hunt

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The Easter Bunny came a little early to school and hid lots of delicious chocolate eggs for us to find. A very yummy end to the day.

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Sporting Heroes

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Well done to Cameron, Sophie, Keira, William, Andrew and Abbey for their excellent sporting speed and skill while representing Dalry at the primary athletics competition in Castle Douglas.

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K’nex Challenge

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P6s from Kells and Carsphairn joined us today for the K’nex Challenge. Celebrity guest judges Sandy and David had a very difficult task separating the top teams with their designer vehicles. Their final decision was; third equal Caitlin and Rachel & Daniel and Liam, second place went to Hardie and Finlay and top spot to Euan and William who will go through to the next round of the competition.

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Sending Rockets into Space

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Today we had our second lesson with Miss Kneeshaw designing and making our own rockets to blast into space. We all had great fun and came up with a variety of styles which reflected the personalities of the designers. The best bit though was pumping them up into the air! A huge thank you to Miss Kneeshaw for taking time off writing her dissertation to come and teach us.


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On day three of our trip we went to the National Museum and the Falkirk Wheel. The museum has a vast array of exhibits to interest visitors and everyone found lots of exciting displays to check out. One bonus was that we didn’t need to worry about losing Liam or William as they were never very far away from the F1 stand.

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This is the biggest wheel in the world and it only uses electric power equivalent to boiling 8 kettles to turn. The inventor got the design idea when he pinched his daughter’s Lego technic and made a model. Who says playing with Lego is just for kids?

We all thoroughly enjoyed our three action packed days away. Thank you Mr McKenna for organising it (and parents and FODS for their financial contributions :) .)

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Day two began with a leisurely wee stroll up Arthur’s seat before meeting Alex Fergusson for a tour of the Scottish Parliament. We got to sit in the debating chamber (Ariene pinched the first minister’s seat), one of the committee rooms and Mr Fergusson’s office. The building is very impressive and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing round it. Next we skipped across the road to have a tour of Holyrood Palace, the Queen’s home when she is in Edinburgh. Alison Campbell, our guide for the day and ex-Carsphairn pupil told us the story of David Rizzio’s murder and the death of Mary Queen of Scots some years later. Dynamic Earth gave us a completely different look on the world with 3D films of the ice age and the universe.

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P6/7 Visit to Edinburgh

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P6/7 travelled to Edinburgh with friends from Kells and Carsphairn primaries for a 3 day visit to our capital. On our first day we went to the Camera Obscura, the Castle and on a ghost walk. As you can see we had a great time.

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Newton Stewart Music Festival

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At this year’s Music Festival we entered the ‘Ceilidh’ section of the competition. We were up against really tough competition from the S3 group from our secondary school. They sounded fantastic. Fortunately so did we and we just won by one tiny point. Thank you, yet again, to our wonderful music teacher Mrs Henry for getting us ready to perform.

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